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When you purchase Fragola stainless steel hose, hose ends and fittings you will be getting the most from your investment. With hose ends coming in many angles to fit your application from straight, 30 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree, 150 degree, and 180 degree angles.  Fragola also offers a wide choice of fittings.

Please be sure to properly assemble the hose and fittings.

When plumbing your vehicle or boat, be certain to route the hoses as far away from heat sources like the exhaust system, as possible. Secure your lines at various intervals in order to prevent them from moving.

A few drops of regular motor oil on the threads of any adapter will make installation and removal of the hose end easier. The seal of the hose end is made by the contact with the 37 degree flare. Be careful not to over-torque the hose end when installing the adapter.

A word about anodizing. At Fragola Performance Systems, we use a process called "Brite-Dip", but the anodizing process is not an exact science like painting or plating. The colors will vary from batch to batch, plus the sun, heat, & time will all cause some fading. Various alloys of aluminum will anodize with different hues.


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Description Part Number Purchase
3AN - 1/8" NPT 482203 Details
4AN - 1/8" NPT 482204 Details
4AN - 1/4" NPT 482244 Details
6AN - 1/8" NPT 482262 Details
6AN - 1/4" NPT 482206 Details
6AN - 3/8" NPT 482266 Details
6AN - 1/2" NPT 482268 Details
8AN - 1/4" NPT 482207 Details
8AN - 3/8" NPT 482208 Details
8AN - 1/2" NPT 482288 Details
10AN - 3/8" NPT 482211 Details
10AN - 1/2" NPT 482210 Details
10AN - 3/4" NPT 482209 Details
12AN - 1/2" NPT 482213 Details
12AN - 3/4" NPT 482212 Details
16AN - 3/4" NPT 482215 Details
16AN - 1" NPT 482216 Details